Monday, March 8, 2010

RT Linux

1) Download the rt patch that is closer to kernel version that you are using
2) Apply the patch. This might be painful sometimes as some files like hrtimer.c would be the most modified. The patch might fail for these files depending upon the gap between the kernel version and rt patch version
3)Rebuild the kernel

Now that the kernel is made RT, we should make the thread RT. This would be done as follows

int create_thread()
unsigned int ulRetval = 0;

ulRetval = pthread_attr_init(&stThreadAttr);
ulRetval = pthread_attr_setinheritsched(&stThreadAttr, PTHREAD_EXPLICIT_SCHED);
ulRetval = pthread_attr_setschedpolicy(&stThreadAttr, SCHED_FIFO);
param.sched_priority = 45; (less than 50)
ulRetval = pthread_attr_setschedparam(&stThreadAttr, ¶m);
slReturn = pthread_create( &thread, &stThreadAttr, func1, NULL);

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